Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Certified Necromantic Mages

Hawke & Johnson, C.N.M.

Season One “Setting Up Shop"

Episode 1.1 - The Case of the Curious Ghost
Em and Theo are asked to investigate a simple haunting, but nothing is ever simple. The ‘ghost’ is alive and trapped in the underworld.

Episode 1.2 - The Painted Man
A tattoo artist uses blood magic in his inks to enslave his customers, but his gruesome ritual murders to acquire the blood leave some unhappy corpses.

Episode 1.3 - Death Takes a Taxi
A young female necromancer specializes in creating "taxis" for spirits (animate dead for them to ride in) and gets snookered by a spirit who rents a body for nefarious purposes.

Episode 1.4 - Witness For the Defense
Em has to testify at a murder trial, serving as a medium to a spirit, but they have a lot of explaining to do when the spirit turns its accusations on Theo.

Episode 1.5 - Ghost Hunters
The boys are having a hard time making rent and accept the highly publicized challenge of staying in a ‘very haunted’ mansion for 24 hours. Should they reveal the chicanery of the owners of this very not haunted house, or just take the prize money and run?

Episode 1.6 - When Banshees Cry
Theo has been having nightmares about a woman crying next to a stream. He realizes that people in the dreams keep turning up dead - and last night he saw Theo there.

Episode 1.7 - Lost Soul
Sometimes the hardest cases aren’t the gruesome ones. It can be as simple as convincing a little girl that she is dead and needs to journey to the underworld.

Episode 1.8 - Specter vs. Inspector
The Chief Inspector of Kryss has a problem. Either he's losing his mind or his shadow has started talking. And it's insight into a connected series of cases is disturbing.

Episode 1.9 - The Phantom Client
The boys are finally well known enough in Kryss that an investigator comes to them for help - an elf by the name Fedoras, who suspects that her latest client isn’t quite what he seems. Sure enough, he’s about 100 percent more dead.

Episode 1.10 - False Revenant
Fedoras is back with another problem and the boys get in over their heads with the lingering spirit of an elven mage.


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