Friday, April 24, 2015

Sales So Far

What is a new book worth? A lot, so long as it's a full-length novel in a series. That's been my learning so far. Novellas not so much, although sales numbers (if not royalties) can be boosted substantially by doing a collection with other well-selling authors. What am I talking about? See the chart below.

See those big spikes? The first full month Trials of Artemis was out, followed by the other two books (obviously I lost some readers along the way) and then Lord Lucifer's Disciple, the novella I released in the Scandalous Summer anthology. The reaction to the novellas A Common Christmas, Fortune Said, and Sweet Tannenbaum are so mild as to not be noticeable in the whole. The most recent bump comes from releasing Trials of Artemis free on a number of platforms, while also expanding the number of platforms. And don't worry, that long, flat line at the end is months that haven't happened yet.

Among my regrets, of course, was not either preparing a number of books in advance or writing faster. Trust me, I'm writing as fast as I can. It was a shock that the Haberdashers became as popular as they did. As a series reader myself, I feel the pain for those waiting to see more in the series. The next phenomenon will be testing the response to a long-delayed book. I must assume that Saving Persephone will have even fewer sales, and will be lucky to bump the 5,000 line. Hopefully we will find out soon!

If you're a writer, what results have you seen in terms of sales of new releases and over time?

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