Monday, August 15, 2011

Certified Necromantic Mages?

What kind of trouble can a couple of bored necromantic mages get into? In case you missed it, I'm publishing a story about two Certified Necromantic Mages as a serial over at the "Big Bowl of Morning Serial" blog. We're at the sixth installment and you can start at this link. Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Writing Assignment Where No Man Has Gone Before

June and July flashed by me like one of those crazy high-speed movie collages. But one great thing that came out of the early part of the summer was an invitation to help write a book about one of my favorite subjects: Star Trek. I'm not even sure how I got so lucky (actually I do, it was becoming good Twitter buddies with @ThatNeilGuy who shares my Original Series/Vulcan obsession).

So, over the next year or so there will be a LOT of Star Trek watching, Star Trek reading, and Star Trek writing. It's kind of like being asked to go on vacation forever. If I could just do it all while on a sailboat int the Bahamas my life would be perfect.