Sunday, April 06, 2014

Am I Getting Better or Worse?

Haberdasher reviews as of April 6, 2014
Review Website Trials of Artemis Athena's Ordeal Common Christmas Fortune Said Fates for Apate
Pub Date 5/13/13 8/31/13 12/15/13 2/8/14 3/31/14
Amazon 4.4 4.0 4.6 4.4 3.4
Goodreads 3.75 3.77 4.21 4.17 4.07

Obviously, books that have been out longer have more reviews (and are therefore more reliable?). I'm not even sure what it all means.


  1. I like Fates for Apate best. I think I liked the mystery in Athena's Ordeal best. Trials of Artemis is good, but I think you've been getting better.

  2. I second Talia . . . I love where you are going with this series. It is interesting to see the divergence in this chart. Perhaps those who are reviewing your books on Goodreads are more open minded about the differences between the books? Hey, as long as they are selling . . . :-)

  3. Better as it goes. The arc is growing more complex as this continues, dialogue sharp, story realistic instead of utterly idealized-- which all run contrary to "average" romance! Thank frog.

  4. Thanks for coming by to comment, guys!

    Talia - I'm glad it's somebody's favorite!

    Diana - Yeah, isn't the difference between A & G a little crazy? And they are selling (yay!) - but each book sells less, so that's a bit worrisome...

    Kris - Funny you should say that - read the next blog post!

    I can't really chose one of my Haberdasher children to love most, but I will say that I'm shocked when someone gives Trials a 5 or Ordeal less than a 3. (Basically I'm surprised how many people love Trials and how many dislike Ordeal.) With Fates... I kinda get it. If you love character then it's probably a good book for you (if you like these kinds of characters). The plot, though, even I think that it didn't come off quite right. But I can't figure out how we went wrong.