Saturday, March 09, 2013

So That's When It Gets Fun

As you may recall I found myself somewhat surprised by how much of a non-event finishing my first book was. After a few rounds of edits I released it to some beta readers (thanks guys!), kicked off the cover design process, and worked on lining up the final editor.

Then I got the first draft of the cover back from the designer and almost died from awesome. After a few revisions on colors and fonts, which took a total of 7 hours emailing back and forth, we were done. In less than 72 hours from my initial request.

You may have already seen it elsewhere, but this is the final product:

So apparently (for me at least) it starts to get fun when there are graphics and colors involved. Now I want the whole process to be finished so that I can "hold" it in my hands and read it again. Jack, Gideon - ya'll look fabulous.


  1. It does look awesome. Congratulations!!

  2. Fantastic cover! How did I miss that you finished your book? CONGRATULATIONS! :D

  3. Hey Linda! Thanks! Having a hard time not messaging EVERYONE about how cool the cover looks. Kim ( is a fabu designer.