Monday, September 05, 2011

Publish or Bust

More than a little inspired by my tweeps like @goblinwriter (Lindsay Buroker) and @shaydenFL (Sean Hayden) I am planning to start self-publishing this Fall. Since my independent streak is easily more than a mile wide this isn't much of a surprise.

First up on the docket will be the novella "The Case of the Curious Ghost," which is currently being published as a serial on The Big Bowl of Morning Serial blog. It's the first case of Hawke and Johnson, Certified Necromantic Mages. Hopefully you will enjoy Theo Hawke and Em Johnson's adventure because quite a few more are planned.

Next up will be my astrology book The Starwatcher's Guide to Fashion. Technically non-fiction but still what some may call "speculative." If nothing else it's a fun ride. A small excerpt:

Chapter One: Why Does My Closet Hate Me?
    There you stand again at the doorway staring inside your closet.  We treat closets and refrigerators the same way - maybe if we keep looking something good will happen.  But today even your favorite jacket leaves you cold.  'Who bought these clothes?' you wonder.  You stand there waiting for things to turn in your favor.  Almost everybody does it.  Why does it happen?  In fact, how does it happen? 
    The truth of the matter is that we are all a bit confused about our personal image.  And why shouldn't we be?  Think of all the influences that affect your clothing decisions:  your parents, your friends, the media, your lover, current fashion, your favorite year, and monetary considerations.  Those outside influences generally crowd how you feel about your wardrobe.  This book seeks to give you clarity on this issue. 

Ultimately your personal image should speak for you before you speak for yourself.  It tells who you are and how you want the world to perceive you.

After that I will continue with a mix of short and long fiction with interspersed non-fiction. Thanks in advance for your help on my journey.

 :)  Sue


  1. Oh, exciting stuff! :) Aren't all astrology books fiction? *ducks* Thanks for the shout-out too!